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Appraisal Interviewing Skills 

About the course

This course prepares managers at all levels to hold productive appraisal interviews.

The course spends some time looking at what and how to prepare for the appraisal interview as well as developing the face-to-face skills required to hold meaningful appraisals.

The course is most effective where the employer has an appraisal scheme in place, as the course material and skills exercises can be written exclusively for the scheme.  This is something we can assist with if the scheme is not yet developed.


This course will enable participants to:

  • Gain confidence when interviewing staff

  • Understand the importance of thorough preparation

  • Know how to use the documentation properly and effectively

  • Be able to prepare and ask quality questions

  • Give feedback and accept feedback Know how to set and agree plans for the future

  • Be able to appraise poor performers as well as high flyers

  • Ensure that the appraisal is a worthwhile experience for both people involved

Course content:

The aims of your appraisal scheme

  • The purpose of your scheme

  • What appraisal can and cannot do

  • What does everyone want from appraisal?

  • What to discuss and what to expect to discuss

Preparing for the appraisal interview

  • How to use your documentation correctly

  • Using facts and examples

  • Identifying achievements and areas to improve

  • Setting business and personal goals

  • Handling training and development issues

Getting the environment right

  • Establishing the right atmosphere

  • Timing

  • Confidentiality and the limits to confidentiality

The stages in the appraisal interview

  • Opening the interview; establishing rapport and getting off on the right foot

  • During the interview, giving and receiving feedback

  • Setting and agreeing SMART objectives

  • Discussing training and development needs

  • Handling tricky topics, weaknesses, attitudes and behaviours.

  • Giving praise, recognition and encouragement

  • Summarizing and closing the interview

Practical exercises using your scheme to appraise each other!

Identifying follow up actions and interim reviews

Hazards managers walk into; how to spot and avoid them!

Personal learning points and action plans





Course fees
One day course

fees are per course not per person
(excludes venue and travelling expenses)
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