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Customer Complaints Handling Training Programme

One Day Programme - £995 for up to 12 people

A. Understanding Customer Complaints

  • Why do complaints occur?
    • Environments in which complaints prosper
  • What do people complain about?
    • The key issues that drive complaints
  • Ways that people complain?
    • How do complaints reach the organisation
  • The damage complaints can do?
    • What can we learn from examples of the impact of complaints on well known organisations
  • What is our own experience of complaints?
    • What prompts us to complain
    • How do we feel
    • What are we looking for

 B. Customer Complaints Handling

  • Demonstrating empathy
    • Remaining calm
    • Sounding confident and helpful
  • Acknowledging the issue
    • Active listening
  • Dealing with anger
    • Defusing difficult situations
    • Identifying common ground
  • Recording Effectively
    • Gathering information in a meaningful way
    • Checking understanding
  • Taking Responsibility for the Complaint
    • Agreeing a course of action
    • Following through
    • Checking satisfaction
  • How to refer the customer to a colleague
  • Techniques for handling written or spoken complaints

C. Preventing Complaints – Giving a Positive Experience

  • Why customer complaints handling is everyone’s responsibility?
    • How we can all contribute to a positive customer experience
  • How can we stop complaints from occurring?
    • A Proactive Approach to communication both internal and external
    • Anticipating customer requirements
    • Identifying processes to prevent complaints
  • Creating customer champions
    • The power of the positive customer for the organisation



customer complaints handling training
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