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Absence Calculator

Enter your own figures into the calculator to estimate the cost of absence to your organisation.  It also gives you an idea of the investment required to do something about it.

Enter your total head count :
Assumed number of line managers are :
(we've assumed a ratio of 1 to 15, enter your own figure if different)
Enter your current % absence rate :
( if you don't know try 5%)
National Average % :   2.9 %
Enter average employee cost per day :
(£80 is the average, enter your own figure if different)
Days lost through absence :
Your total estimated absence costs are : £
Your absence cost at the national average would be : £
Achieving the national average would save you : £
Investment with HR Wigwam in managing this absence scenario is :
(this is an approximate figure that is dependant on your unique circumstances, see below for breakdown)
Potential saving after investment : £

HR Wigwam Project Activity

  • Assessment and analysis of absence patterns

  • Training line supervisors

  • Design of tracking records

  • Write/review policy

  • Training managers on absence reviews

  • Conducting absence reviews

  • Progress work with line supervisors - in groups

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