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Six steps to creating positive attendance 

Our experience in attendance management has taught us that a blend of activities works best. The blend will vary from company to company, however, we invariably find positive attendance results from:-  

Step 1             We assess the situation and data, we look for patterns and trends. Where are the hot spots? Why? What are the real reasons for poor attendance? What do employees think and what do managers do?

Step 2             You will need an effective and legally compliant attendance policy and procedure. This will let employees know what is expected of them, what help is available, and informs them of how all absences will be managed.

Step 3             An attendance monitoring system will help line managers record and track absences. We monitor all employees.  

Step 4             We introduce back-to-work-interviews for all absences on every occasion.  We will hold interviews and review with your employees and train line managers how to hold their own interviews. 

Step 5             We hold formal attendance reviews for persistent or long-term cases. At this point, legal advice may be needed, so our legal expert keeps a watchful eye on the process. Do not forget, we also have to make allowances and adjustments for those genuine cases that need your support. 

Step 6             We keep at it. This is a not a quick-fix solution. Regular progress-chasing all cases with line managers and holding support meetings for managers is essential. 

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