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Appraisal and Performance Management - Experience

The people, culture and objectives of your business are unique, so the way you manage and appraise performance needs to reflect this.  During the past few years we have undertaken consultancy projects to design and introduce tailor made schemes in a wide range of companies.  We have undertaken assignments for organisations from aerospace, manufacturing, food processing, printing and business services.  Our range of experience includes:

  • Over 20 unique schemes designed in the last four years.

  • More than 200 line managers trained to be skilful appraisers and reviewers.

  • A UK company employing over 9,000 people in multi-site operations who needed a tool for coordinating goal-setting and performance management.

  • A small manufacturing company with a few dozen employees seeking ISO accreditation.

  • A service sector organisation focused on staff development and training.

  • 17 other companies employing between 50 and 2,500 people across the UK and Europe.



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